You will hear my songs
this is one of them.... this next one is called:

Every day she takes her daily dose
And fuckes up her nose
Time after time the thing flows
She must see the doctor, she need a new nose
It's such a's her fucking family who gets the blame....
You try to get everybody insane
But listen bitch...fuck it harder... I will find another
Maybe the kind like your father or mother
I prefer to take another
But I still want to beat your mother and your father
Come on fuck it harder
When I looked around, I found someone new....she's not cruel
She's so tender......before, it felt like my head was in a blender
I am so happy...our love will surrender
First it felt like I was on smack.....I am a white ass....before I only saw black
I still feel the pain....but now I never want you back
I walked in a room .... on my head a pack of ice
I lost you....but also your filthy lies
Right now I am happy ... you won't fool me twice
I think this is heaven....oh god this must be paradise
You are a real come I didn't see it in your eyes
It was you who freed my mind..... a devil's person I left behind
After all the good things you did, I'd almost say you were kind
How was it possible that I was so blind
You bellowed me with your always screwed my mind
With this song I'll make you a whore
In about two years you won't do it any more...but that's not for sure
Long ago you said I'm sorry.....I had my regrets....
I'm just like my mum...always soaking wet
please save my name...I know it was a filthy game
But now I know when you see a big dick.... you suck it harder then you ever did before asking "where is your friend? I need some more"
Don't say you want to make it up
I know it's in your life style
You'll never stop
I asked around about you to get some insite..... Oh the blond is horny....she always fucks late at night
Listen bitch ....that's where we started our your tits are going to make me rich.
This is an other form of a sack of ice on my schouting "Sugar is he
wet yet"
Your face looks sad....but that isn't I'll slowly make you mad
Things are not the already fucked up my name
I didn't start it...all by all it's your game
When this is on a CD it will clear me from all the blame
and also clear my Christian name...that is all I want....we are not the same
I refuse to have my own stone
You think you are a star....always screaming...."fuck it harder....haven't you
seen my name...I even have my own stone on the walk of fame".
Well I'll give you an even bigger one which says "She rests in hell....we have
already forgotten her name. Our mum was a whore....her life was just a game."
You heard me on the radio....singing about your almost killed me....
You asked for it....this is only the begin
Before you had a nice big ass...but when you hear's gonne make you
thin You're always screaming for attention "do you like my ass?
I worked hard to achieve it at the gymnasium with my own class
Doesn't it look the same as what's her name euh euh Annastasium"
I'm so happy I found myself a sweetheart....someone like my mother
You see it does take time...but even at long distance I still fuck you harder
You think that I am the same as your father
Well let me stop you right there.....don't come any further
Right now I am the judge and I send you to jail for psychological murder

Here it ends....although I have lots more to say
Will I sell it?....I don't know, it depends
I wrote this and ofcourse you can see right away
that I am not Clint Eastwood but you made my day.

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